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Tag Archive: #coronavirus

Trump’s Interior Secretary Gave Exemption From Federal Law To Hold Fox News Town Hall Inside Lincoln Memorial

Claiming the nation faced an “extraordinary crisis,” Donald Trump’s appointee to the position of Interior Secretary, gave Trump a special exemption from federal law to hold a Fox News town hall inside the Lincoln Memorial. The law prohibits politicization of national landmarks and monuments.

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Draft FEMA Report Predicts 200,000 Covid-19 Cases, 3,000 Deaths Daily By June 1

A draft report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) predicts that easing social distancing guidelines in an effort to jump start the devastated US economy will have staggering consequences. The report warns that by June 1, the death rate in America from COVID-19 will double to more than 3,000, and over 200,000 new infections will be reported every day. The Trump White House dismissed the report, saying that the Coronavirus Task Force headed by Vice-President Mike Pence hadn’t had a chance to look at the report.

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