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Trump Says US Will “Open for Business” Amid Pandemic

Claiming that “We can do two things at once” and people die in car accidents but we don’t take away their cars, Pres. Donald Trump declared at a press conference on Monday that he plans to ignore the advice of public health experts and order Americans to get back on their jobs, despite the fact that the pandemic won’t peak for at least several weeks and hudnreds of thousands of new cases may be reported.
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Desperate for Medical Supplies, States Out of Patience as Coronavirus Needs Increase

State leaders are scrambling to make up major gaps in critical medical equipment they need to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus as the outbreak spreads rapidly across the country. Several governors have complained that the federal government has refused to address their pleas for millions of masks, ventilators and other supplies.
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Trump Lauds Unproven and Dangerous Drug Cocktail As “Biggest Game Changer In the History of Medicine”

Pres. Trump hyped an unproven and potentially dangerous drug cocktail purported to cure the COVID-19 viral illness as “one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine,” just one day after Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to tamp down expectations for experimental coronavirus treatments.
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